The Rising Profile Of Nigerian R&B Pop Crooner, Darylon (Golden Guy)


Fast rising, new sensational R&B Pop music act, born Ayomide Abiodun Akinbile with the stage name Darylon (Golden Guy) is set to shine in the music industry in this part of the world.

The 26 years old talented music star in the making from Yewa North Local Government Area in Ogun state born to Mr. Adeyemi and Mrs. Oluwayemisi Akinbile is no doubt a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry lately with his rare talent amongst his peers.

He attended Abdel Model College where he started his primary school in 1997-2003. And, he later got admission into the Junior Secondary School named kanmi Comprehensive High School between 2004- 2006 before he later joined the reputable Own Community Comprehensive College in 2008-2011. To further his educational career he got admission to Sainte Felicite University, Akpakpa. Cotonou Republic of Benin and had a sound educational career between 2014-2017.

According to Darylon, he said that ‘Music is not what I learn, but I am a lover of making fame but music for me is inborn, I just love it ever since my childhood’.

The Golden Guy took us back to the memory lane when his dad was asking their neighbours’ children what they would like to do in the future,  He knew so well that it would definitely get to his turn to answer the big question, but knowing so well of his God’s given talent which was very hard to proclaim then when many of his age mates were talking about academic careers, he had to run inside to dodge his father’s question concerning his future career, but for a woman that saw the talent in him squealed to his dad to let me go for music. Well, he only heard that but didn’t know how real it was until he started forming Hip Hop into Gospel Music.

Information has it that Darylon was inspired by his cousin Ayodeji Ajakaye who advised me not to copy other people’s songs but to try and be unique by composing his own songs.  He took to his advice and then discovered his inborn talent that he can really do good music, which he had neglected for a very long time.

More so, he also revealed that his first mentor ever was Paul (P Square) and his lyrics in music are so emotional while he chose a bit of D’banj style tone in singing to spike up his own fusion of R&B and Pop Music.

Those who should know squealed that since Darylon discovered himself and then I woke up to reality there has been no any other things on his mind that music.

The humble starlet, was very modest to say that he is up and coming talent in music and he is still willing to learn more on how to turn the steering in music world in Nigeria that has been the centre stage of entertainment in Africa and beyond.

The unassuming next kid on the block has two spanking and trending singles entitled Be My Love produced by T. Yemmy and Taboo by Danny B which are presently enjoying good airplay from top disc-jockeys in Nigeria and abroad.

Interestingly, Darylon made a statement that is very touching that ‘I am who I am by nature, my believe is one,  what you call life is what you are,  I can’t say am perfect neither will I say I’m worst, everyone  has a side effect and side attraction.

He wishes in God’s  will to build a unique and epitome of royal excellence music mansion where by talented acts would not give parents out there a give up mind not letting their children to actualize their dream in pop music.

Conclusively, he made a clarion call to the industry watchers and captains of the industry to help the talented ones who has a better message to build our nation so as not to abuse the name of what good music bares.



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