Shito: Made in Ghana Soup Attracts Buyers at Lagos Fair


Shito, also known as Ghanaian black pepper sauce, is a very popular sauce that is usually added to meals to give them that extra kick. It is prepared from the hottest peppers so for those who aren’t used to spice, proceed with caution.

Ghanaian entrepreneurs are making fortunes, selling sachet soup, known as “Shito’’ at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
A NAN correspondent at the fair reports that many women were seen on Wednesday besieging the Ghana stand at the fair, to buy Shito, packaged in 500 grammes and selling for N1, 000 per sachet.
Queuing to buy the soup, a banker, Mrs Tessy Imagoro, said the already made soup had saved her from having to be making soup after her daily office work on the Lagos Island.
“The soup in sachet saves time for me from going to the kitchen to make soup after my busy schedule daily. I like this innovation,’’ she said.
Her colleague, Mrs Taiye Odu, described the soup as creative, saying that she had never seen that kind of innovation before.
“I am buying the soup because I see others buying it. Since it can be kept in freezer and microwaved later, I think it can save a lot time.
A business woman, Mrs Nneka Williams, said she bought the soup out of curiosity and that she planned to start making a similar delicacy to deliver to Nigerians, who might be interested in such delicacies.
“The idea looks good. I want to look at the possibility of introducing it to a larger segment of the Nigerian consumer market,’’ she said.
The Ghanaian maker of the soup, Mr David Amoah, said that the soup was patronized mostly by corporate women, whom she said, hardly found time to go to the kitchen after their daily chores.
“The sachet soup is moving more than I anticipated. I never knew that Nigerian women would be so interested in Ghana soup.
“The soup is already cooked with ingredients and there is no need to cook it any longer. It can be eaten hot or cold,’’ Amoah said.
The soup is packaged in red sachets with description of its contents as pepper, tomato, onion, fish, crayfish and sauce.


  1. Onions, chopped

  2. Dried herrings

  3. Dried powdered shrimps

  4. Fresh pepper

  5. Dried pepper powder

  6. Tomato puree

  7. Garlic, minced

  8. Ginger, chopped

  9. Nutmeg

  10. Powered cloves

  11. All purpose seasoning

  12. Vegetable oil

  13. Salt

– Heat oil in a large saucepan, add onions, ginger, fresh pepper and garlic.
-Then gently fry for 5 – 7 minutes until softened but not coloured.
– Set aside allow the vegetables to cool and blend along with the oil.
– Put another saucepan on fire and heat oil and add tomato puree.
– After 4 – 6 minutes, add the blended vegetables and stir continously.
– Add the dried fishes, powdered shrimps and herrings.
– Add seasoning and powdered pepper.
Reduce the heat, stir intermittently until is dark brown.
– Add all spices and taste for salt.
– Allow to cool very well and put in a dry clean bottle


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