7 Exquisite African Dishes Made From Maize


Maize also known as corn is a cereal grain and a common staple food across Africa. It is usually eaten from the cob either boiled or roasted or as a pudding (pap). Below are some African delicacies that can be made from corn.


Sadza is thickened porridge made from white maize meal. It is synonymous with the Ugali of Eastern Africa and Fufu of West Africa and prepared in almost a similar way. The maize meal is first soaked in a sauce pan using little water and stirred till it is thick. Hot water is then added, stirred and steamed till it becomes a smooth porridge. It can be eaten with meat stews or just vegetables. It is popularly eaten in Zimbabwe.


Banku is a staple food found throughout Ghana that is enjoyed by all tribes in the country. It is made by cooking a proportionate mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough in hot water till it reaches a smooth and consistent paste. It is served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce.


Similar with the Sadza, this is a corn-meal porridge popular among the people of Kenya and Tanzania. It can also be made from millet, sorghum or cassava flour. It is cooked by boiling it in water or milk till it reaches a firm dough consistency. Accompanying it could be meat or vegetables stews, greens or sour milk.

Putu pap

This pap is also known as krummelpap which means “crumbly porridge”. Unlike the regular pap, it is made with very little water giving it a dry and crumbly texture. It is usually eaten with a tomato and onion sauce and served together with barbecued meat as a side dish. This meal is common among the people of Southern Africa.


Ukpo Oka

This is corn pudding and is popularly eaten in Eastern Nigeria. The corn is blended with pepper and onion then seasoned with stock cube, salt with crayfish and palm oil. It is then wrapped in leaves and put in water to steam. It can be eaten alone or accompanied with anything of your choice.


Samp is made from dried corn kernels that have been stamped and chopped until broken but not as fine as a maize meal. It is sometimes eaten with Chakalaka, a South African vegetable relish and can be served with beef, lamb, poultry and other stuffing. It can also be cooked or served with beans.

Pap and Wors

Made from mielie meal, it is made by stirring in hot water until thickened and cooked through. The wors is either fried or grilled and served with the pap alongside gravy.

Other worthy mentions include;


Corn and Bush pear




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