2019 Cape Town Carnival: Experience a Jolt of Energy, Celebrate Human Potential


Cape Town’s annual spectacular of dance, costumes and performance art happens on 16 March 2019. And you can expect more revelry and, especially, colourful floats with empowering themes, from “Facing your Fears” to “Cellphone Zombies”, ones that promote positive social activism and ones that instil the ideals of becoming freedom fighters in our communities and escaping the “Mad Machine”.

Arise and Shine! Shake off the habits and ideas that limit you. Unlock your power and potential. Experience a jolt of energy and celebrate human potential. This is the theme and message of the Cape Town Carnival 2019.

In a tour of the make-up artist’s home for multicoloured stripes, to prepare for the Cape Town Carnival in South Africa, which is held every year. Last year thousands of people took part, as in previous years.
The tradition, two century old tradition survived the apartheid era. Carnival recounts the slaves’ celebrations on January 2, the only day of the year when they were allowed to gather and relax. It was the day they were allowed to celebrate the New Year.

As always, participants and visitors were amazed and dazzled by the creativity and joy.
“Because it is an African (culture), how to say, a colourful culture, it is nice to be here. Just to sit and watch because you do it for your family, your wife, your children.” Yaseen Hoffman, spectator, is delighted.
The “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” (second New Year’s Eve in Afrikaner) celebrates the abolition of slavery in Cape Town province. The minstrel carnival is the city’s flagship event.
In addition to the parade, which extends a little over a kilometre, the carnival is intended for some to be a moment of communion and awareness.

The event usually held in March was anticipated for 2019. It highlights and celebrates the vibrant diversity of Cape Town – and South Africa.
With more than 50 community groups, spectacular floats, giant puppets and extravagant costumes, the Green Point Fan Walk has come alive again.
The Cape Town Carnival is a provincial flagship project of the National Department of Arts and Culture.


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