Ghana: The Extraordinary Traditional Clothing That Can Influence Your Style


Ghana,situated on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa. Although relatively small in area and population, Ghana is one of the leading countries of Africa, partly because of its considerable natural wealth and partly because it was the first black African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule.

In addition to being known for its lush forests, diverse animal life, and miles of sandy beaches along a picturesque coast, Ghana is also celebrated for its rich history, its habitation possibly dating from 10,000 BC and as a fascinating repository of cultural heritage.

Africa is rich when it comes to fashion. There are different prints, styles and fabrics that make each country’s fashion outstanding. One of the most beloved countries when it comes to fashion is Ghana with its distinctive taste in clothing.

Print is increasingly becoming a major part of every Ghana fashion wear. It is almost impossible to find Ghanaian fashion dresses pictures without a print dress. The traditional Ghana look is made from fabric with complex prints and bold colors.

The fashion industry in Ghana is significantly growing day by day since people are so lost in modernization that they forget their culture, in Ghana, things are done differently as Ghanaian fashion dominates all over the country. The older generation tends to wear more traditional clothes, while the younger generation tends to wear the universal costume of youth: jeans and a t-shirt. Women tend to wear more traditional clothing than men.

However, especially as compared to other parts of the world, many people in Ghana take pride in putting on their traditional clothing to look good in any occasions.

The history of the traditional Ghanaian wear dates back pre-colonial period when much of the civilization witnessed today was never was. The Ashanti Region of Ghana is where this unique fashion niche and cloth making started. Production of cloth was done manually and this trade quickly spread north and south.

The Northern region of Ghana traditional clothing is known as “Gonja” or Ghanaian smock. The cotton is picked, dyed and hand woven in pattern of black/ blue white striped patterns, while the Southern region called theirs “Kente”.

Men in Ghanaian smock

Couples posing in their beautiful kente

The traditional cloth Kente is made by the Akan people. It is a combination of cotton and silk and is worn for special occasions.Kente is the most popular thanks to the brilliant colors, designs and styles it comes with. Kente is coined from the word Kenten, which means basket.

In everyday life, women tend to wear a long skirt and a short sleeved top, often in bright colors and bold patterns. Long dresses are also worn, especially if they are going out. Women often wear head wraps to match or complement their outfit.

Men often wear a long smock over pants. These long smocks or tunics might be striped or feature some traditional symbols. It is especially worn by men in the north of Ghana.

The well liked plastic sandal is the most common shoe, though dress shoes are worn for business and sneakers are seen as well.

In Ghana culture, fashion or clothing is just as important as any other facet of society. Each ethnic group, with their unique culture all over the country, represents themselves distinctively in the way they dress.


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